Sustain is about living a healthy lifestyle

Sustainable Wellness means being proactive about your health and making informed healthy choices a normal part of your day to day, part of how you live your life. Being truly well means going beyond "not being sick" to achieving an active state of positive, vibrant health. For his daily maintenance program Dr. Lipman selected the four most essential supplements you need to maintain and protect your health. 

These morning and evening supplements ensure nutritional support where even healthy diets might be lacking in sufficient nutrients for peak performance. Polluted environments, compromised food sources and the stress of our busy 24/7 modern day lives means we're not always getting what we need to stay strong. Sustain was designed to bolster the entire system, strengthen immunity and boost your resilience to stress.



Our shopping and dietary guidelines will help you to nourish yourself in ways that keep you vital. Our exercise and relaxation tips will help keep you physically and mentally robust. The daily supplement packets contain high quality purified fish oils, vitamin D3, probiotics and a comprehensive multivitamin-multimineral formula for enhanced cellular function and better overall health.

Whether you’re taking your first steps to a healthier lifestyle or are already well on your way or are simply looking for a reliable source of high quality supplements, Sustain combines quality nutritional support with the ease and convenience of single-use daily packets.

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